Curriculum Vitae (English)


National School of Fine Arts, University of Chile, MFA, 1971
Slade School of Fine Arts, University College, Post Graduate Studies, 1972-73 



Solo Art Exhibitions
Artists for Democracy: El Archivo de Cecilia Vicuña. 
Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, y Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, 2014.
Cecilia Vicuña. England & Co, London, 2013.
Les Immémoriales. Frac Lorraine, Metz, France, 2013.
Aural, Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago, Chile, 2012.
Water Writing: Anthological Exhibition, 1966-2009. Institute for Women & Art, Rutgers University, USA, 2009.
Noche de las Especies: la mar herida nos mira, El Gran Vidrio, pensamiento ocular. Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Valparaíso, Chile, 2009.
Parti Si Pasión. Metales Pesados, Santiago, Chile, 2008.
Otoño: Reconstrucción Documental. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, 2007.
Dissolving: Threads of Water and Light, with César Paternosto. The Drawing Center, New York, NY, 2002.
Into Union, with César Paternosto. Latin Collector, New York, 2002.
Thread Mansion. The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO, 2002.
Book No Book. Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee, WI, 2001.
Se mi ya. Galería Gabriela Mistral, Ministerio de Educación, Santiago, Chile, 2000.
Cloud-net. Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, NY; DiverseWorks Artspace, Houston, TX; and Art in General, New York, NY, 1999-98.
K’isa. University Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, 1997.
Precario. Inverleith House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1996.
Ceq’e Fragments. Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM, 1994.
Hilumbres Allqa. Kanaal Art Foundation, Kortrijk, Belgium, 1994.
El Ande Futuro. University Art Museum, Berkeley, California, 1992.
Precarious. Exit Art Gallery, New York, NY, 1990.
Homenaje a Vietnam. Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Bogotá, 1977.
A Journal of Objects: 400 precarious objects. Arts Meeting Place, London, UK, 1974.
Pain Things & Explanations. Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK, 1973.
Pinturas Poemas y Explicaciones. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes Santiago, Chile, 1971.  
Otoño. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, 1971.

Selected Group Exhibitions
Meeting Points 7 - MP7. Curated by “What, Who and for Whom” (WHW), traveling to Cairo, Beirut, Vienna, Madrid, 2013.
Artists from Latin America in London from l96x-l97x. David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK, 2013.
"all our relations," 18th Sydney Biennale. Sydney, Australia, 2012.
DANCE / DRAW. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 2011.
Re.Act Feminisma Performing Archive. Travelling exhibition to Centro Cultural Monte Hermoso, Kulturnaea, Victoria Gasteiz, España, 2011.
The Performing Archive: re.act.feminism vol II, curated by Bettina Knaup & Beatrice E. Stammer. Akademie der Künste, Berlin, traveling to Spain, Croatia, Poland, Denmark, Estonia, UK, 2011.
ONLINE, Drawing Through the Twentieth Century, MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2010
Subversive Practices: Art under Conditions of Political Repression, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany, 2009.
WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, USA, 2007.
Multiplicación, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile, 2006.
Del Otro Lado, Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda, Santiago, Chile, 2006.
Gabinete de Lectura, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, 2005.
Fishing in International Waters: New Acquisitions from the Latin American Collection, Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin, 2004.
Promoción Popular, Centro Cultural Matucana, Santiago, Chile, 2003.
Rayuela / Hopscotch, Fifteen Contemporary Latin American Artists, University Art Gallery, The University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, 2002.
Abstraction, The Amerindian Paradigm, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels,     travelled to IVAM, Institut Valencia d’ Arte Modern, Spain, 2001.
Antagonismos, Museu d”Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Spain, 2001.
Agitación como Ritual Cotidiano, Museo Nacional, Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, España, 2001.
Quotidiana, Castello di Rivoli, Italy, 2000.
Transferencia y Densidad, 100 años de Artes Visuales en Chile, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, 2000.
Bienal del Barro Roberto Guevara, Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas, Venezuela, 1998.
North & South Connected, Cecilia de Torres Gallery, New York, NY, 1998.
BIENNIAL Exhibition  at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 1997.
INside the VISIBLE curated by Catherine M. de Zegher, Institute of     Contemporary Arts, Boston, travelling to The National Museum of Women, Washington,  D.C. , The Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, 1996.
ar-ti-cu-la-te, Mary Delahoyd Gallery, New York, NY, 1994.
America, The Bride of the Sun, 500 years of Latin American Art, curated by Catherine M. Zegher and Paul Vandenbroeck, Royal Museum of Antwerp, Belgium, 1992.
Efecto de Viaje: Trece Artistas Chilenos Residentes en Nueva York, curated by Justo Pastor Mellado,  Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, 1991.
The Decade Show, The New Museum, New York, NY, 1990.
The Debt, Exit Art Gallery, New York, NY, 1988.
Latin American Artists in New York since l970, Archer M. Huntington Gallery, University of Texas at Austin, 1987.
Segunda Bienal de la Habana, Cuba, 1986.
Latin American Visual Thinking, Art Awareness Gallery, Lexington, New York, NY, 1984.
Chilenas, Kunsttamtes Kreuzberg, Berlín, 1983.
Women of the Americas, Center for Inter American Relations / Americas Society, New York, NY, 1982.
Latin American Video, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, 1981.
Ikon & Logos, Alternative Museum, New York, NY, 1981.
Bienal de Medellín, Colombia, 1981.
INBO Bienal, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 1981.
Arts Festival For Democracy in Chile, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 1974.
7 Artists, The British Council Students Centre, London, 1974.
East London Open Exhibition, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK, 1973.
Pintura Instintiva Chilena, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, 1972.

Exhibitions Curated
Painted Ideas: Visual Poetry from Latin America. Cecilia de Torres Gallery, New York, September - November, 2009.



Poetry Books

Zen Surado. Catalonia, Chile, 2013.
Spit Temple: Selected Performances by Cecilia Vicuña, edited & translated by Rosa Alcalá. Ugly Duckling Presse, New York, 2012.
Chanccani Quipu. Granary Books, New York, 2012.
Beforehand. Belladona Chaplet Series #131, New York, 2011.
Sabor A Mí. Chain Links, Philadelphia, Oakland, 2011.
Soy Yos: Antología, 1966-2006. Lom Ediciones, Chile, 2010.
V: Antología de poesía. Edición de Renato Gómez, tRope, Lima, Peru, 2009.
Sabor A Mí. Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales, Chile, 2007.
Palabrarmas. RIL, 2005.
i tu. Tsé-Tsé, Buenos Aires, 2004.
Instan. Kelsey St. Press, Berkeley, 2002.
El Templo, translated by Rosa Alcalá. Situations, New York, 2001.
Cloud-net, with poetry by Cecilia Vicuña and essays by Laura Hoptman, Surpik Angelini, and David Levi Strauss. Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center/Diverseworks Artspace/Art in General, New York, Houston, Buffalo, 1999.The Precarious: The Art & Poetry of Cecilia Vicuña / QUIPOem, edited by M. Catherine de Zegher. Wesleyan University Press, 1997.
Word & Thread, translated by Rosa Alcalá. Morning Star Publications, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1996.
La realidad es una línea. Kanaal Art Foundation, Kortrijk, Belgium, 1994.
PALABRARmas / WURWAPPINschaw, translated by Edwin Morgan. Morning Star Publications, Folio 5/2, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1994.
Unravelling Words & the Weaving of Water, edited by Eliot Weinberger, translated by Eliot Weinberger and Suzanne Jill Levine. Graywolf Press, 1992.
La Wik’uña. Francisco Zegers Editor, Santiago de Chile, 1990.
Samara. Ediciones Embalaje, Museo Rayo, Colombia, 1986.
PALABRARmas. Ediciones El Imaginero, Buenos Aires, 1984.
Luxumei o el Traspié de la Doctrina. Editorial Oasis, México, 1983.
Precario / Precarious, translated by Anne Twitty. Tanam Press, New York, 1983.
Siete Poemas. Ediciones Centro Colombo Americano, Bogotá 1979.
Saborami, translated by Felipe Ehrenberg with the author. Beau Geste Press, England, 1973. 

Books Edited
The Oxford Book of Latin America Poetry, edited by Cecilia Vicuña and Ernesto Livon Grosman, Oxford University Press, New York, 2009
Ül, Four Mapuche Poets, a trilingual anthology edited by Cecilia Vicuña, translated by John Bierhorst, Latin American Review Press, l998. 
Editor of the Palabra Sur series of Latin American Literature in translation, published by Graywolf Press:
The Cardboard House, by Martin Adan, translated by Katherine Silver, l990.
The Selected Poems of Rosario Castellanos, edited by Cecilia Vicuña and Magda Bogin, translated by Magda Bogin, l988.
A Plan for Escape, by Adolfo Bioy Casares, translated  by Suzanne Jill Levine, l988.
Altazor, by Vicente Huidobro, translated by Eliot Weinberger,  l988.

La Danza del Venado, Hueders, Chile, 2014
Selected Poetry, Kelsey St. Press, Berkeley, U.S.A. 2015

In Progress
Ayvu Rapyta, The Origin of Human Language, an anthology of the oral poetry of the Mbya-Guarani, edited by Cecilia Vicuña with Rubén Bareiro Saguier, translated by W.S. Merwin with Cecilia Vicuña. 
Sudamerisa, travelogue of a Performance tour of South America by Cecilia Vicuña and Jerome Rothenberg.

One person Art Catalogues
Artists for Democracy: El Archivo de Cecilia Vicuña, Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile 2014.
Cecilia Vicuña, England & Co, London 2013
Cecilia Vicuña, l966-2012, Obras, Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago, Chile, 2012.
Water Writing: Anthological Exhibition, 1966-2009, Institute for Women & Art, Rutgers University, 2009
Otoño/Autumn, Reconstrucción Documental Junio 1971/Agosto 2007
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.
Dis solving threads of water and light César Paternosto/Cecilia Vicuña, Drawing Papers #34, The Drawing Center, New York, 2002
Semiya, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Ministerio de Educación, Chile, Abril 2000

Selected Poems in Anthologies
Downstream: Reimagining Water, edited by Rita Wong & Dorothy Christian, (forthcoming) 
Revelacion en la Senda del Manzanar: Homenaje a Juan Ramirez Ruiz, Edición y recopilación de Fredy Roncalla, Fondo Editorial de Cultura Peruana, Lima 2014
Poetry Anthology for Bozar, ‘WOMAN: The Feminist Avant-Garde from the 1970s’, Brussels, 2014.
Angels of the Americlypse: New Latin@ Writing, edited by Carmen Gimenez-Smith and John Chavez, Counterpath, 2014.
Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges, The Art of Friendship, Americas Society and  Phoenix Art Museum,  New York, 2013
Antología de la Poesía Chilena, Tomo I, La generación de los 60 o de la Dolorosa Diáspora, Eds Teresa Calderón, Lila Calderón, Tomas Harris, Editorial Catalonia, 2012
I'll Drown My Book, Conceptual Writing by Women, Caroline Bergvall, Laynie Browne, Teresa Carmody, Vanessa Place, Les Figues Press, Los Angeles, U.S. 2012
Invencible del Amor la Fortaleza, Once Poetas Iberoamericanas en Nueva York, Hostos Review Número 8, City College of the City University of New York, 2011
Letters to Poets, Conversations about Poetics, Politics and Community, Edited by Jennifer Firestone & Dana Teen Lomax, Saturnalia Books, Philadelphia 2008
Jinetes Del Aire. Poesía Contemporánea De Latinoamérica Y El Caribe, Ed. Margarito Cuellar, RIL, Santiago, 2011
Antología Crítica de la Poesía Chilena: Tomo IV, Ed. Naín Nómez, LOM, 2006
Antología La Poesía del Siglo XX en CHILE, Edición de Julio Espinosa Guerra, Colección Visor de Poesía, España, 2005
The Wisdom Anthology of North American Poetry, Edited by Andrew Schelling, Wisdom Publications, Boston 2005
Mujeres Mirando al Sur, Ediciones Torremozas, España, 2004
Poetas Hispanoamericanos en Nueva York, SIAL, Madrid, (forthcoming)
Exhibition Under Construction: After Arcades, edited by Mark Nowak & May Joseph, (forthcoming).
MR  / Magical Realism by Kamau Brathwaite, winner of the Casa de las Americas Prize1998 for Literary Criticism, Savacou North, Savacou Publications, New York, Kingston 2002.
A Book of the Book, Some Works & Projections about the book & writing, edited by Jerome Rothenberg and Steven Clay, Granary Books, New York, 2000
Innovative Writing from Brazil and the US, compilada por Edwin Torres & Flavia Rocha, en preparación, Ratapallax Press #11, 2004
Chile, Poesía Contemporánea con una mirada al arte actual, Litoral, Revista de la Poesía, el Arte y el Pensamiento, #223-224, Madrid, l999
A Book of the Book, Some Works & Projections about the book & writing, edited by Jerome Rothenberg and Steven Clay, Granary Books, New York, 2000
Poems for the Millenium, Vol II, edited by Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris, The University of California Press, Fall l997.
Veinticinco Años de Poesía Chilena, selección de Teresa Calderón, Lila Calderón y Thomas Harris, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Santiago, Chile l996.
Voicing Today’s Visions, edited by Mara R. Witzling, Universe Publishing, New York, l994.
These are Not Sweet Girls, Poetry by Latin American Women, edited by Marjorie Agosin, White Pine Press, l994.
Pleasure in the Word: Erotic Writing by Latin American Women Eds. Margerite Fernández-Olmos and Lizbeth Paravisini-Gebert (New York: Plume, 1994)
El Placer de la Palabra, selección de Margerite Fernández-Olmos y Lizabeth Paravisini, editorial Planeta, Mexico, l991.
Being America, edited by Rachel Weiss, White Pine Press, New York, l991
Cartas al Azar, Una Muestra de Poesía Chilena, selección de María Teresa Adriasola y Verónica Zondek, Ediciones Ergo Sum, Santiago l989
Los Veteranos del 70, Antología, Carlos Olivarez Editorial Melquíades, Chile l988
You Can’t Drown the Fire, Latin American Women Writing in Exile,  edited by Alicia Partnoy, Cleis Press, l988.
Blasted Allegories, edited by Brian Wallis, The New Museum and M.I.T. Press, l987
Fire OverWater, edited by ReeseWiliams, Tanam Press, New York, l986
The Renewal of The Vision: Voices of Latin American Women Poets 1940-1980
Eds. Marjorie Agosin and Cola Franzen, Petersborough: Spectacular Diseases, 1987
The Defiant Muse, Hispanic Feminist Poems, The Feminist Press, New York, l986-Mujeres Poetas de Hispanoamérica Ed. Ramiro Lagos, Ediciones Centro de Estudios Poéticos Hispánicos Tercer Mundo, Bogotá, l986 
Voicing Today’s Visions: Writing by Contemporary Women Artists Ed. Mara Witzling (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1985)
Antología de la Nueva Poesía Femenina Chilena, Ed. Juan Villegas, (Editorial La Noria, Santiago l985)
Piesne Pre Chile, Slovensky Spisovatel’ (Antologie de la Poésie Chilienne), Praga,l984
Poesía Feminista del Mundo Hispánico (desde la edad media hasta la actualidad) Antología Crítica, Eds. Angel Flores, Kate Flores, (Siglo XXI Editores, México, l984)
La Novísima Poesía Latinoamericana, selección de Jorge Boccanera, editores Mexicanos Unidos, México l978
Giovani Poeti Sudamericani, A cura di Hugo García Robles e Umberto Bonetti, Giulio Einaudi Editrore, Torino, Italia, l972.

Selected Poems in Magazines
Alza Prima, Concepción, 2014
HOLD: a journal, 2014
Grifo, Santiago 2014
El Académico Imaginario, Valparaíso, 2014
Revista Bólide # 3, Curitiba, 2013
Bomb, New York, 2013
Rattapallax Poetry App, 2013
Mandorla #16, Illinois 2013
Mandorla # 15, Illinois, 2013
Mandorla,  #14, Illinois, 2011
2010, Santiago, Chile 2010
Bombay Gin, Naropa, Colorado 2009
Crayon #5, Brooklyn, 2008
Naked Punch, London 2007
Knit-Knit, New York, 2005
Tse-Tsé, #16  Buenos Aires, 2005
Indigenous People’s Journal of Law, Culture & Resistance, UCLA, Premier issue, 2004
Rattapallax, New York, 2004
Plagio, Santiago de Chile, 2004
Coyote #8, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2004
Guaraguao, Barcelona, 2003
The Literary Review, Volume 46 Number 2, Farleigh Dickinson University, N.J. Winter 2003
Creación, Chile 2003
Neue Sirene, Zeitschriff fur Literatur, #16, Munchen, Dezember 2002
Ecopoetics, Buffalo, 2002
Chain, Hawaii, 2002
Sibila, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2001
Open City, New York, 2001
XCP #8, Minneapolis, 2001
Sulfur #45, Ypsilanti, 2000
Mandorla, #6,  Mexico City, .1998
Review: Latin American Literature and Arts, # 54, Spring 1997, New York
Revista Universitaria, # 51, Santiago de Chile,1996
Chain / 2, Spring 1995, Buffalo, New York
The American Poetry Review, May-June 1995
RIF/T, An Electronic Space for New Poetry, Buffalo, New York, 1994
Shambala Sun, Boulder, Colorado, July 1994
Rolling Stock, # 17-18, 1990, University of Colorado, Boulder
Hora de Poesía, # 65-66, 1989, Barcelona
Heresies, # 24, 1989, New York
Quimera, # 94, 1989, Barcelona
Kritica, # 28, 1988, Santiago de Chile
El Espiritu del Valle, # 2, Santiago de Chile, 1987
American Poetry Review, March-April, 1987
The Raddle Moon, # 4, British Columbia, Canada, 1986
Review: Latin American Literature and Arts,  # 34, 1985, New York
LAR, 1984, Madrid
Hora de Poesía, # 31, 1984, Barcelona
Palimpsesto, # 1, 1982, Rome
Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, # 382, 1982, Madrid
Heresies, # 13, 1981, New York
Eco, # 219, 1980, Bogota
Acuarimantima, # 18, 1978, Medellin
El Nacional, # 389, 1976, Ciudad de Mexico
Extramuros, 1972, Caracas
Mundo Nuevo, 1968, Paris
EL Corno Emplumado, # 25, 1968, Ciudad de Mexico
EL Corno Emplumado, # 22, 1967, Ciudad de Mexico.

Selected Essays
Organizar la ensoñación, en Artists for Democracy: El Archivo de Cecilia Vicuña, Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile 2014.
Recado a la lengua, en Cuál es nuestro Idioma, un palimsesto y cinco recados sobre la supuesta unidad del habla de esta América, Sangría Editora, Santiago, 2010.
La No Guarida de lo Imperfecto (Essay on Tribu No), in Revista "2010", Numero 1, Año 2009 La Serena, Chile.
Poetry and string theory, a conversation with James O’Hern, Riffing on Strings, edited by Sean Miller & Shveta Verma, Scriblerus Press, 2008
K’isa/alangó, Crayon, Fifth issue, 2008
The Melody of Structures (An essay on Emma Kunz), in 3 X Abstraction, New Methods of Drawing, edited by Catherine de Zegher and Hendel Teicher, The Drawing Center, New York, 2005
Ubixic, “its being said”, a reading of a reading of the Popol Vuh, in “With their hands and their eyes, Maya Textiles, Mirrors of a world view, Antwerp Ethnographic Museum, 2003
Magh, en MR  / Magical Realism  by Kamau Brathwaite, ganadora del Premio Casa de las Americas 1998 Crítica Literaria, Savacou North, Savacou Publications, New York, Kingston 2001
Xuan Luis, in Merodeos en torno a la obra de Juan Luis Martínez, Ediciones Intemperie, Santiago, 2001
Impossible Weavings, Parkett # 52, Zurich l998
The Third Stone, The Guardian, London, Nov 26, l996
Sintáctica Enhebra, una lectura de Gabriela Mistral, en 50 años de Gabriela Mistral, Ediciones del Ministerio de Educación, Chile, l996.
Notes from a Journey, in Sulfur  #34, Ypsilanti, Eastern Michigan University. Spring 1994
The Invention of Poverty, in America the Bride of the Sun, Royal Museum, Amberesm Belgium, l992.
The No, at the Latinoamérica Despierta Conference, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, l989. (published as “Transcript of Remarks” in Being America, by Rachel Weiss,White Pine Press, New York, l991
Andina Gabriela, en Una  Palabra Cómpplice, Encuentro con Gabriela Mistral, Revista Isis, Vol XII, Dic l989, Santiago, Chile
Metafísica del Textil, en Tramemos, Año II, #31, Nov l989, Buenos Aires.
Quatro Donne in Latinoamerica, Anno V, # 13, Roma, Italia, l984
Das Exil, und Uber Das Exil in Chilenas, Drinnen und Draufsen, Kunstamt, Kreuzberg, Berlin, l983
Death and Defense: Guatemalan Women, a conversation with Isabel Fraire, in Heresies,  #15, New York, l982
Choosing the Feather, in Heresies,  #15, New York, l982
Para Contribuir a la Memoria, en La Bicicleta, #24, Santiago de Chile, l982
The Coup came to kill what I loved, in Spare Rib,  # 28, London l974

Selected Performances and Poetry Readings

Hamilton College, New York, 2014.
Northwestern University, Illinois, 2014.
School of the Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, 2014.
Audiatur Poetry Festival, Bergen, Norway, 2014.
Princeton University, New Jersey, 2014.
Queens Museum, New York, 2014.
La Sebastiana, Casa de Pablo Neruda, Valparaíso, 2014.
Frac Lorraine, Metz, France, 2013.
Ríos del Canto, Coloquio Internacional, Universidad Católica, Santiago, 2013.
Warwick University, UK, 2013.
Birkbeck, University of London, UK, 2013.
Naropa University, Boulder, USA, 2013.
Feria del Libro, Santiago, Chile, 2013.
Poets House, New York, 2013.
Ithaca College, New York, 2013.
King Juan Carlos Center, New York University, 2013.
MacNally Jackson Books, New York, 2013.    
Poetry Center, Tucson Arizona, 2012.
Center for Book Arts, New York, 2012.


Awards and Honors

2014       -SLAS Spring 2014 Scholar in Residence at The Department of                      Humanities and Media Studies at Pratt Institute, New York.
2013       -Spit Temple, Selected Performances of Cecilia Vicuña, edited & translated by         Rosa Alcalá, runner up 2013 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation. 
2011       -Sello de Excelencia, Consejo de las Artes y la Cultura de Chile.
       -The Intangible Heritage Fondart Award for her project "Tugar Tugar             Salir a Buscar el Sentido Perdido", conducted in Caleu, Chile.
2009       -Estelle Lebowitz Visiting Artist-in-Residence at the The Mary H. Dana               Women Artists Series of the Institute for Women and Art (IWA) at                  Rutgers University.
2005       -Phipps Chair in Contemporary Poetry, University of Denver 
2004       -MacDowell Colony Fellowship.
2003       -Bellagio Study Center Residency, Italy, Rockefeller Foundation
2002       -Hedda Sterne Foundation Residency, Springs, New York
               -Pennies from Heaven Fund Award, Community Trust of New York
2001       -Valparaiso Foundation Residency, Mojacar, Spain
l999        -The Anonymous Was a Woman Award, New York
l997        -The Andy Warhol Foundation Award for QUIPOem.
l995-96   -The Fund for Poetry Award, New York
               -Lee Krasner-Jackson Pollock Award, New York
l992        -Arts International Award, Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest   Fund. 
1991       -Bellagio Residency, Rockefeller Foundation, Italy.
l988        -Invited to the Art Olympiad, Seoul by the Guggenheim Museum of              New York, declined.
l985       - Human Rights Exile Award, Fund for Free Expression, New York.
l983        -LINE II Award for Precario/PrecariousNew York.
l972        -British Council Scholarship in the United Kingdom.




One person Art Catalogues

-Artists for Democracy: El Archivo de Cecilia Vicuña, Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile 2014.
-Cecilia Vicuña, England & Co, London 2013
- Cecilia Vicuña, l966-2012, Obras, Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago, Chile, 2012.
-Water Writing: Anthological Exhibition, 1966-2009, Institute for Women & Art, Rutgers University, 2009
-Otoño/Autumn, Reconstrucción Documental Junio 1971/Agosto 2007
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.
-Dis solving threads of water and light César Paternosto/Cecilia Vicuña, Drawing Papers #34, The Drawing Center, New York, 2002
-Semiya, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Ministerio de Educación, Chile, Abril 2000


2012     Poetry Center, Tucson Arizona
     Center for Book Arts, New York
     The Poetry Center, San Francisco, SFU, California
     Birkbeck College, London
     Firstsite, Colchester, U.K
2011     MoMa, New York
     Textile Arts Center, Brooklyn
     La Sebastiana, Casa de Pablo Neruda, Valparaíso
     Kelly Writer's House, Philadelphia
2010     Birkbeck College, University of London
     Fundación Telefónica, Lima, Peru
     The Kitchen, New York
     Bryant Park Reading Room, New York Public Library, New York 
2009     World Financial Center, A musical tribute to Pablo Neruda, New York
     Naropa University, Boulder
     Douglass Library, Rutgers University, NJ
     King Juan Carlos Center, NYU
     Duke University, N. Carolina
     United Nations, Language Day, New York
     The Segue Series, Bowery Poetry Club, New York
2008     MoMA, PS1, New York
             Brooklyn Museum, New York
     American Museum of Natural History, New York
             University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
     Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 
2007     King Juan Carlos Center, New York University
       St Mark’s Poetry Project, New York
       University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2006     The City University of New York
        The Bowery Poetry Club, New York 
      Jonathan Shorr Gallery, New York
        King Juan Carlos Center, New York University
        Louder Arts, New York
2005      St Mark’s Poetry Project, New York
              EGA Conference, Mohonk New York
              Mills College, California
              Museum of the Americas, Denver
              Denver University, Colorado
      Naropa University, Colorado
              Sitelines Festival, Museum of Jewish Heritage & Pavilion at                           Rockefeller Park, New York
              Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
      The Poetry Project, St Mark’s, New York
              Hofstra University, New York
              Museo de las Américas, Denver      
2004       Jack Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, University of Texas.
               Dactyl Foundation, New York
       St Johns University, New York
               Cafe Verlaine, New York
       Teacher’s Conference, Princeton, New Jersey
       The 10th Biennial Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, New Jersey
       Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
       King Juan Carlos Center, New York University, NY
       Performance Tour of South America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil &                   Uruguay) with Jerome Rothenberg.
2003        King Juan Carlos Center, New York University
                Poets House, New York
                The Bowery Poetry Club, New York
                White Box, New York
                Bellagio Study Center, Rockefeller Foundation, Italy
                Etnografisch Museum, Antwerpen, Belgium
                Instituto de Arte, Universidad Católica de Chile,Viña del Mar
        Instituto de Arte, Universidad Católica, Viña del Mar
    Universidad de Antioquía, Festival de Poesía de Medellín
    Centro Cultural Hospital San Jose, Santiago, Chile
2002        Sarah Lawrence College
        The Kitchen, New York
                The Poetry Center & American Poetry Archives, San Francisco
                 The Drawing Center, New York
                 The University of Cambridge Conference on Contemporary Poetry,              England
                 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colorado
                 St. Mark’s Poetry Project, New York
                 Odessa, University of Western Texas
                 Marywood University, Pennsylvania
                 Casa de la Poesía, Buenos Aires, Argentina
                 Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, Santiago
         Empire State Building, New York
2001         Musem of Modern Art, New York
                 Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels
        IVAM, Institut Valencia d’Art Moderna
                SUNY, Buffalo, New York
                Tucher Literary Salon, Berlin, Germany
        University of Minnesota, St, Paul
                University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
        Goethe Institut, Santiago
        Peoples Poetry Gathering, New York
        Festival Internacional de Poesía de Rosario, Argentina
2000        Fundación Valparaíso, Spain
        Temple University, Philadelphia
        Kelly Writer’s House, Philadelphia
        Sufi Books, New York
        Poems in the Garden, Rebel Road, Shelter Island
l999        Art in General, New York
        University of Hawaii, at Manoa
        Diverseworks, Houston, Texas
l998         University of Sevilla, Spain
        Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland
        Hallwalls, Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo
        Jacksonville University, Florida
        Washington University, Seattle
l997        Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
        St Mark’s Poetry Project, A Celebration of Three Decades, New York
l996           Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
                 Inverleith House, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh
                 Institute of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
                 Brown University, Providence
                 Institute of Contemporary Arts, Boston
                 Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee
                 Biblios Bookstore, New York
l995          St Mark’s Poetry Project, New York
         Western Washington University, Bellingham
         Wessel & Lieberman Boosktore, Seattle
         Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Universidad de Buenos Aires
l994         National Reading Tour, organized by The Poetry Society of America,
         stops include: New York, Buffalo, Los Angeles and Miami.
         Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
         Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado
l993           Poetics Program, SUNY, Buffalo
          Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore
          Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado
          Cody’s Bookstore, Berkeley, California
          Modern Times Bookstore, San Francisco
          University of California at Santa Barbara
          University of California at San Diego
          University of Oregon, Eugene
          University of Washington, Seattle
          Elliot Bay Bookstore, Seattle
l992           The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University
          Bard College, New York
          Avesol, La Paz, Bolivia
          Nuyorican Poets Cafe, New York
l991           Bellagio Study Center, Rockefeller Foundation, Lake Como, Italy
          Museo de la Vanguardia, Fundación Huidobro, Santiago, Chile
          Harvard Theatre, Harvard University, Boston
          New York Public Library, Chinatown Branch, New York
1990          The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry festival, Waterloo, New Jersey
          Women Poets at Barnard, Barnard College, New York
          Poetry Society of America, New York

Performance Lectures

-To Weave is to Awake, Pratt Institute, New York, 2014
-A life in Art, Keynote presentation, Art Practice, School of Visual Arts, New York, 2014
-Artists for Democracy, Columbia University, New York, 2014
-Quipu Thoughts, Maryland Art Institute, USA, 2013
-Water Quipu, Birkbeck College, University of London, 2013
-Saborami, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, 2012
-Ak-Oruk, Amnesty International, Native Spirit Film Festival, London 2010
-Paracas, Fundación Telefónica, Lima, Perú, 2010
-Kon Kon, Naropa University, Boulder, 2009
-Ecopoetics, AWP, New York, 2008
-Heresies, PS1, MoMA, New York, 2008
-On Translation, Vermont College 2007
-Threading, University of Michigan, 2007
-Mapuche Poetic Traditions, People’s Poetry Gathering, City University of New York 2007
-The Thread at Play, Poets House, New York  2007
-Violeta Parra, Viña del Mar, Chile 2007
-First Audience, The Bowery Poetry Club, New York  2007
-El Corno Emplumado, Una historia de los sesentas, King Juan Carlos Center, New York 2006
-What is Poetry to you? Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado, 2005
-On Collaboration, Boulder, Colorado State University, 2005 
-A (mis) translation of the Tao teh Ching into Quechua Concepts, Dactyl Foundation, New York 2004
-Gabriela Martiana, Americas Society, New York 2002
-Gabriela en el MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2001
-Tongue-Less/ Double-Tongued: the experience of Latin American Poetry in the US, Identity & Invention Symposium, at the St. Mark’s Poetry Project, New York, May l998
-A seminar with Cecilia Vicuña, Whitney Museum of American Art, April l997
-Criticizing the Future, at The Poetry Project’s Celebration of Three Decades, St Mark’s Poetry Project, New York, May l997
-Magh, Magic Realism, at New York University, l996
-The Melodic Matrix, at the Tenth International Conference on Translation,  Centering Marginality, Barnard College, Columbia University, Nov  l6, l996.
-The Precarious, at the Art Institute, Sterling, Scotland, Oct l996
-Access, at the Poetry Conference The Politics of Accesibility, St Marks Poetry Project, New York, l995
-Writing on Air, at Cornell University, l995.
-Fertile Scriptures, at the Ethnopoetics Week Summer Program, The Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado.
-Mallarmé seen from Amazonia, at the Poetics Program Seminar, SUNY, Buffalo, New York, l993.
-Rosario Castellanos, The Word is a Hard Look, at Poet’s House, New York, l993
-An Autobiography in Art, at the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon l993
-Oral Memory, at the Cultural Transmission Conference, Bard College, New York, l992.
-El Ande Futuro, at the Gund Theater, University art Museum, Berkeley, California, l992.
- Lo Precario, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago Chile l992
-Oir y orar, at the Tercer Congreso de Culturas Hispánicas, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Chile, Santiago l992.
-Arte Precario, at the School of Architecture, University of Puerto rico, San Juan, l991.
-Mestizo Poetics, at the Next Society Simposium, at St Mark’s Poetry Project, New York, l990.
-Ritual Tying, at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, l990
-Five Precarious Works at the School of Visual Arts, New York, l990
-An Informal Talk, The New Museum, New York, l990
-The No, at the Latinoamérica Despierta Conference, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, l989.
-Paracas, A Pre-Columbian Textile, at the Parsons School of Design, New York, l989
-The Latin American Diaspora, at the Boston University Art Gallery, l988
-Identity and Exile, at the Women Caucus on the Arts, Boston Public Library, l987
-Cecilia Vicuña talks about her art, at the Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery, University of Texas, at Austin l987
-Listening, at the Fourth International Translation Conference at Barnard College, new York, l986.
-Eros del Sud, A vision of ancient and new eroticism, at Franklin Furnace, New York, l984
-Usos de la Imaginación, at AIGLE Association, Buenos Aires, l984
-Four Chilean Women Poets at the Modern Language Association, MLA, New York, l983
-Cecilia Vicuña speaks of her Art and Poetry, University of Florida, Tallahassee, l980
-El Vaso de Leche, Alianza Colombo Francesa, Bogotá, l979
-Ojos que no ven, Centro Venezolano de Cultura, Bogotá, l979
-Cecilia Vicuña, Escola da Belas Artes, Rio de Janeiro, l979
-Ojos que no ven, Goethe Institut, Bogotá, l978
-Arte y Poesía de Cecilia Vicuña, Teatro Experimental de Cali, l976
-Chile l975, Art, Music and Poetry, The Polythechnic of North London, l975
-Cecilia Vicuña Speaks of her art, Slade School of Fine Arts, University College, London l975
-Art & Literature since the Chilean Revolution, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London l974

Selected Poetry Workshops and Seminars Conducted

-Spoken Through, SWP, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado, 2013
-Tugar Tugar, Escuela G-349 Caleu, Chile, 2011
-Coloquio sobre oralidad, Consejo de la Cultura, Valparaíso, 2011
-Con Templation in Indigenous Cultures, Naropa University, 2009
-Instan, Bates College, Massachusets, 2009
-Oral Poetics, University of Pennsylvania, 2008
-On Poetry and Art, Cornell University, 2008
-Art & Poetry, Denver University, Colorado, 2005
-Latin American Poetry, Denver University, Colorado, 2005
-Performing, A Living Force, Naropa University, Summer Writing Program, 2005
-Poesía y Performance, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2003
-Ubixic del decir, Escuela de Poesía del Festival Internacional de Medellín, Colombia, 2003
-Tree Voice, a workshop, The Abrons Center, Henry St Settlement, New York 2003
-Word Senses, Poetry workshop, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado 2002
-The Thread at Play, workshop, Henry St. Settlement, New York, 2000
-Art and poetry workshop, Art in General, New York, l999
-Community Poetry Workshop, Just Buffalo Literary Program & Hallwalls, Buffalo, l998
-Caleu está soñando, four workshops for the Capilla de Caleu school  in the mountains of Central Chile, l995
-Advanced Poetry Course for the Writing Program at SUNY, Purchase, New York, l994
-Poetry Workshop for the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado, l994
-In the Presence of Language, a workshop in collaboration with Richard Lewis and Julie Patton, at Poet’s House, New York, l994
-Bilingual Poetry Workshop at St Mark’s Poetry Project, New York, l990.
-Bilingual Poetry Workshop at CUNY, New York, l988
-Poetry workshops for the New York Public Schools, Poets in Public Service, New York, l985.
- Latin American Poetry Course, Universidad Libre, ARKE, Bogotá, l979.
-Art and Poetry workshop for the Guambiano Indigenous Community in Silvia, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, l979.

Panel Discussions

-Arte y Política, Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, panel with José de Nordenflycht, Valerie Fraser, Paulina Varas, Santiago 2014
-With Anne Waldman, Christian Bok & Thurston Moore, SWP Naropa University, Boulder, 2013
-With Jonnathan Skinner, St Mark's Poetry Project, New York, 2012
-With Andrés Ajens, Elvira Hernández y Soledad Fariña, presentación de "V" en la Biblioteca Nacional de Santiago, Chile, 2010
-With Heresies Collective, PS1, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008
-With Paul Muldoon, Stephen Dunn and Yusef Komunyaka, Dodge Poetry Festival, New Jersey, 2004
-With Peter Cole, Mark Doty, Philip Levine and Aharon Shabtai (ibid)
-With Peter Cole, Sharon Olds, Aharon Shabtai (ibid
-With Lucille Clifton and Jane Hirshfield (ibid) 
-With Paul Muldoon and Edward Hirsch, (ibid)
-With Coleman Barks and Adonis,(ibid)
-With Joan Rettalack, Kevin Killian, Anne Waldmany Steven Taylor, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado, Summer Writing Program 2002
-With Jerome Rothenberg, Robert Kelly, Peoples Poetry Gathering, New York 2001
-With Gonzalo Millán & Ricardo Loebbel, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago 2000
-With Allen Ginsberg, Kamau Brathwaite & Jerome Rothenberg, SWP, Naropa Institute, Colorado l994
-With César Paternosto & Luis Camnitzer, Cooper Union, New York, 1988


Quipu Films 

Quipu Austral, Sydney Australia, 2012 

Quipu Aural, Chile, 4:15 mins, 2012

Umbílico, New York Quipu, 2:33 min, 2012

Quipu Inhallable, New York, 31:23 mins, 2012

Quipu Projetions (Studio), New York, 3:44 mins, 2011

Quipu Desaparecido, New York, 3:41 mins, 2011

Water Quipu, Chile, 32 sec, 2011

Quipu de Paula, New York, 2:58 mins, 2011

Quipu Viscera, New York, 2:28 min,  2011

Piriwin Quipu, New York, 2011

Video poems

Mar Tejido, New York, 3:05 mins, 2012

Mapocho, Chile, 5:27 mins, 2012

Paracas La Ligua, Chile, 4:04 mins, 2011

Tres Aguas, New York, 2:27 mins, 2011

Shadow of Sorrow, New York, 5:25 mins, 2011

Guante, New York, 3:26 mins, 2011

Heritage of Tears, New York, 3:33 mins, 2011

Cai Cai, Chile, 2:37 mins, 2011

Apu Miski Yawar, New York, 2:51 mins, 2011

Abre La Puerta, New York, 9:34 mins, 2011

El Sueño Del Niño del Aconcagua, Chile, 11:59 mins, 2011

Tugar Tugar Salir a Buscar El Sentido Perdido, Chile, 30:27 mins, 2011

Pichi Paracas MNBA, Chile, 2:25 mins, 2010

Kon Kon, Chile, 53:44 mins, 2010.

Kon kon pi, Chile, 13 mins, 2010

Water Cry, Rutgers University, New Jersey, 1.26 mins, 2009

Dissolution, New York, Chile, 4 mins, 2009

Paracas Chimuchina, Chile, 5:23 mins, 2009

Paracas Brooklyn, New York, 4:33 mins, 2008

Orgon Azul, New York, 7 mins, 2008

Parti si pasión, New York, 5 mins, 2001/2008

Vaso de Leche, Bogotá, New York, 6 mins l979/2008

Lápiz en Bote, Chile, 3:16 mins, 2001

Cloud-net, New York, 7 mins, l998 

Paracas, New York, 18 mins, 1982

 Tres Trabajos, New York, l0 mins. l981 

¿Qué es para Usted  la Poesía?/What is Poetry to you? 24 mins. l980

Documentaries by Cecilia Vicuña

A visual poem for Philippe Petit, New York,  2:29 mins, 2013

Baile Chino de Caleu vuelve a Cai Cai, Chile, 2:11 mins, 2012
Martin Grubbins I, New York, 6:35 mins, 2012
Martin Grubbins II, New York, 2:18 mins, 2012
Martin Grubbin III, New York, 1:41 min, 2012

Silvia Falcón: Muchos Paisajes a la Misma Vez, Chile, 7:57 mins, 2011
Claudio Mercado at McNally Jackson Books, Chile, 25:45 min, 2011
Chinos Noche, Chile, 3:50 min, 2011
Plant Teachers, New York, 5:59 mins, 2011

Nelson Villanueva, Chile, 5:41 mins, 2011

Knowing That They Know, New York, 3:48 mins, 2011

Children are the Indigenous, New York, 3:57 mins, 2011

Mi Texto Es El Cielo, New York, 12:18 mins, 2011

Me  Impresiona Lo Que Veo, Chile, 5:44 mins, 2011

Eucaliptuchay, Un Pedido Poderoso, (New York, 10:16 mins, 2011

Muchos Paisajes a la misma vez, New York, 7:58 mins, 2011

Sound & Multidimensional Knowledge, New York, 6:44 mins, 2011

José Pérez de Arce I, Chile, 5:37mins, 2010

Jose Pérez de Arce II, Chile, 5:50 mins, 2010

Elicura Chuhuailaf, Chile, 4:4 mins, 2010

Painted Ideas, New York, 8:10 mins, 2010

Yellow Soto, 25 mins, 2007

La Novia del Plomo, 50 mins, 2006

El quipu menstrual, 4 mins, 2006

Lionel Lienlaf, Chile, 2:31 mins, 1997

Video Documentaries on Cecilia Vicuña's work:

El ser de lo que es, Chile, 20:00 mins, 2013

I am Just the Little Drawing, New York, 12:21 mins, 2013

Ink & Blood As One, New York, 2:02 mins, 2013

I was Born In A Space of Silence, New York, 17:06 mins, 2013

An Animal’s Response to Poetry, New York, 6:32mins,  2012

Cecilia Vicuña Recital en Lima, Español, 7:02 mins, 2010

Three Fragments of Three Performances, 10 mins, 2008.

kNOT a QUIPU, an interview with Cecilia Vicuña, 32:51 mins, 2006

Red Coil, video, 68 mins, 2005

Adunarse, 6:19 mins, 2004

Casa Del Nos, Chile, 6:20 mins, 2004

Instrumento de Luz, New York, 6 mins, 2003

Alba Saliva el Instan, New York, 30 mins 2002

Empire (Red), 4 mins, New York, 2002

Caleu está soñando/The Thread at Play, Chile, 12 mins, 1995

Cecilia Vicuña /Exit Art Gallery, 3:08 mins, l990
El Animal de lo Invisible, Performance archive 1989-1998, New York, 17:05 mins, 2013
María Santiago (pen name of Cecilia Vicuña), a BBC documentary, 12 mins, l974

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2012 -Kuntur Ko, Poems & chants by Cecilia Vicuña, LP record
2004  -the bright light of confusion & doubt, a CD, cecilia vicuna in performance: poetry & chants, sona sounds, new york.

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